Weekly Roundup 1/10: Clueless Lad Unprepared for Spanking Pain

Hey, we made it through another week in this endless shit-show of a world — hopefully we can block everything out for the weekend and enjoy some sensual self care and really stroke out our frustrations. We’ve got great gay kink and voyeurism fantasy videos, starting with Bad Lads. A street chav answers an ad to make cash, and ends up getting paddled across is jiggly bum until we can barely walk away. Boy Creeper has more fantastic bondage stalker fantasy featuring a cocky college jock getting choked on his admirer’s throbbing cock, and Strip Search Hell features a brash tough guy meeting his match at his prison intake inspection and learning to cower before the guards. Keep warm, safe and lubed my friends!

Bad Lads — Another sexy male/male spanking video featuring a lad from Budapest eager to take a foreigner’s cash. But he doesn’t understand how much a prolonged bare bum spanking is going to hurt, especially when the anonymous pervert is using a hard plastic paddle designed to sting in the worst way possible!
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Boy Creeper — Hot young bottom Shawn Andrews tries to enjoy a nude swim in his pool, but his rude pool guy decides to pollute the area with cigar smoke. When the pool guy gives him attitude Shawn quickly sends him packing. A bit later as he’s chilling in his house he gets a call from an angry horny creep. Unfazed, Shawn dares the Creeper to come fuck him. Within seconds Creeper appears and grabs him from behind, quickly binding his wrist and gagging his mouth. Creeper flogs the helpless little slut’s bubble butt and chest then mercilessly drills his tight asshole. After plowing him in various positions Creeper sprays him with a huge facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Alex’s career as a fetish model is getting off to a rocky start. He blew off his initial appointment with Dave from Straight Lads Spanked and ended up causing the whole production to get cancelled for the day. Dave was out a few thousand pounds, but he’s taken a measured approach when it comes to these straight amateur wannabes. He knows they’ll be calling him back in a week or two, broke as hell and begging for another chance. Dave always gives it to them, but they owe him one for free. Alex nervously shows up to Dave’s house and gets a real lecture in keeping appointments and how much it costs other people when you’re an unreliable shit, then he makes Alex get over his lap and take a real spanking on his bare ass. A real, painful lesson for a genuine delinquent, one that he never forgot!
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Strip Search Hell — This cocky dude thinks that because he’s had his share of bar fights and street brawls, prison’s going to be a cakewalk. The career prison guards like taking these macho slabs and putting them though the grinder, humiliating them and turning them into tender softies that pay attention, and lower their eyes when spoken to. This dim dickwad doesn’t know it yet, but prison is going to be a long lesson in painful submission, starting with his intake inspection.
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CFNMtv — The arrival of schoolgirl Sophie Watts has put Marcus in an even worse position. She has tons of incriminating photographs of him on her camera and who knows what she plans to do with them? Melody and Kimberly seem perfectly happy to let her stay and he doesn’t seem to be getting a say in it. Marcus has never experienced true fear before but the three women are scaring the hell out of him!
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CFNM –- The women know how to deal with arrogant dickheads like this young professional. Since he’s quickly climbing the corporate ladder it will do him good to be taken down a rung or two and reminded of his place. It will always be below women and that’s something this macho lunkhead especially needs to understand as a husband and father.
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Sneaky Peek — These students spend so much time hanging out in their room together studying, smoking and scrolling through their phones that they’re totally used to having no privacy whatsoever. The only guaranteed moments alone they get are when one of them is showering. This horny young dude takes full advantage of his brief solitude when he’s fresh from a wash to whack his dick while laying out in the open. At any second his roommate might come out of the bathroom and catch him!
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