Weekly Roundup 1/18: Wicked Testicle Punishment at Brutal Tops

I hope you’ve brought your appetite to the Roundup, because we’ve got a ton of great kinky gay porn to satisfy your for the weekend. Like Master Bob, really feeling his oats as a sadistic top at Brutal Tops, or young Rowan, ordering his submissive teacher to eat his ass and lick spunk off his shoe at CMNM. Or you could check out college boy Javier, caught in a vice sting at Busted Boys and ending up with a face full of policeman’s cum.

Brutal Tops — Master Bob is really getting the hang of this torture and torment stuff, and seeing another man suffer and watching him cry out really gets his cock swelling. He’s got his sniveling slave strapped to the bench this session, and he’s punishing his ass with a belt and giving his balls a few strict lashes with the cane.
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CMNM.net — Delinquent schoolboy Rowan has his French teacher wrapped around his finger. Mr. Tulip is a closeted bender, but he boldly made a pass at his miscreant student, and not the former estate lad is blackmailing him, ordering him to degrade himself with foot worship, ass rimming and spunk eating.
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Busted Boys — College boy Javier thought he was going to be hooking up for a little easy cash, but the dude who answered his ad was Officer Todd from the Hollywood FL vice squad. After getting busted and cuffed, Javier pleads for easy treatment, but Todd pulls out his massive cock and pummels Javi’s hole and spunks all over his face before taking him for his booking photo covered with corrupt cop cum.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jason has broken office rules again, this time by trying to sneak a cigarette in the office. His manager, Marco, hates his petty rule-breaking and decides to teach the scruffy intern a real lesson. Instead of firing him, Marco pulls down Jason’s pants and spanks his plush bum right in the office.
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Strip Search Hell — You don’t stay in prison for years on end without at least one visit to the hose guys. This arrogant lad looks like he’s enjoying himself far to much, with a self-satisfied snarl on his face. So would you if you’re staying in the university of crime and getting your cock sucked daily and arse fucked whenever you wanted it. This chap is itching to get out and start new criminality. The only thing he’d miss are the parade of eager wet cock sucking mouths on offer every day.
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CFNMtv — Steve is both angry and scared at what is being done to him by the imperious doctor and big, burly trainer Mr Hastings. He feels totally out of control of the situation and as the minutes tick slowly by his tension increases. But Dr Stevens knows what’s best for him and continues with the procedure without any concern for the young lads feelings.
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CFNM — Savvy casting director Louise is excited to play with big muscular actor George. Now he’s bound in place and she’s unleashed the actress trying out for Catwoman to have her way with him. Both women are overwhelmingly excited to have this muscular stud there chained against the wall and he’s utterly desperate to do anything to get the part.
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Sneaky Peek — You might recognize lean Indian stud Daman under all that grime. It seems this brown lad really needs a shower after a severe mishap at the blackface mine or whatever.
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Piss Spy — Hung bro needs to take a piss, completely oblivious to the camera set at crotch height recording every drop and spray. He’s got quite a thick willy, and he obviously likes pulling and tugging on it while he’s alone in the toilet.
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