Weekly Roundup 10/11: #CMNM Perverts Harass the Cops

It’s time for another super horny Straight Hell Roundup with loads of gay kink and voyeurism. CMNM has a real Greek scene going on with Dave and Adrian taking on a couple of nude cops. If you want a hot spanking scene, check out Bad Lads tattooed thug stud Ruben punishing muscle man Alex’s big bum, and if you want it harder, check out Boy Creeper for masked stalker Connor dominating college jock Lance Weber and stuffing his throat with hard cock. Keep it lubricated this weekend, my friends!

CMNM.net — The coppers may have entered this venerable educational institution with the authority but now they’ve been turned into the depraved Headmaster’s bitches as they’ve rendered them stark naked! While DCI Stern gets his sphincter stretched open, Detective Davidson gets a lesson in how to suck a man’s cock. It’s a classical Greek scene really where the officers are turned sexually submissive while being painted by the attentive artist.
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Bad Lads — Big brawny Alex makes a return to Bad Lads, and Pig Boy Ruben tears into his wide, muscular bum with a lusty grin. Alex tries his best to endure the spanking, but Ruben switches tactics and uses his leather strap to turn Alex’s broad ass a hot shade of pink.
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The Casting Room — Karel might be heteroflexible in what he’ll do on camera but when it comes to describing what gets him off he’s thoroughly heterosexual! He doesn’t have a clue about how to describe what turns him on other than saying normal sex. Maybe for fuckboys like this any kind of nudity or sex is all that it takes to get him horny?
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CFNM –- This is the biggest CFNM competition in history! The air in the room is tense as each man arrives to this battle without knowing what trials he’ll face or who he’ll be matched against. The lads stand nervously eyeing each other up and awaiting instructions from the confident and imposing presenter Davina McClure who will direct and comment upon their trials. This will be the ultimate test of their stamina as they compete buck naked in front of a captivated female audience. Who will win? First, let’s meet the contestants!
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Boy Creeper — Fit young cutie Lance Weber is chilling when he suddenly gets a call from some creep claiming they mat at a bookstore,have a connection and must fuck. Thinking the guy is deluded, Lance challenges the wacko to somehow enter his house and fuck him. The Creeper, masked and clad in all black, surprises Lance and quickly subdues him. Creeper ties and blindfolds Lance then goes to work electro-shocking and teasing his body. Next he goes after his tight little ass, savagely pounding the slutty boy and then blasting him with a facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Alex used his Dad’s mobile to browse porn, and now his horny behaviour has cost his father hundreds! Dad is very upset, and in addition to settling a repayment plan, Alex must get over his father’s knee in order to learn a hard lesson in respecting other people’s property.
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CFNMtv — Cameron was the pride of the household, the privileged elder son of a long and distinguished line of blue bloods. And, in one swift mood, a woman who he thought was only a lowly maid has turned him into a groveling naked slave. Far too accustomed to the plush cozy life of the wealthy, the thought of being thrown out to the filthy streets fills him with dread. He’s willing to do anything the women say.
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Sneaky Peek — Hidden camera footage from a family bathroom captures an oafish large adult son getting naked to take a pee then get into the shower. How would this dummy react if he knew that his nudes were being sent all over the internet?
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