Weekly Roundup 10/30: Lucas and Jurgis are scarier than any Halloween Goblin!

This weekend is going to be busy with Halloween parties and many opportunities for naughty pranks. The masters at O&C are living up to their high standard when it comes to perverted tricks, this week featuring young Master Lucas pulling out his giant throbbing erection and trying to choke a man with it at Brutal Tops; Young aristocrat Tarquin is introduced at CMNM, much to the amusement and pleasure of all of his teachers and schoolmates; Big dumb Victor goes from waving his cock to spreading his straight asshole at the Casting Room, and Eric Deman has amazing video of a hugely hung young man who can self-fuck! With tricks like these, who needs to go out?

Brutal Tops — We saw Master Jurgis debut this week on BreederFuckers, and now he’s pulling double duty as a hardcore top disciplining a creep in the boy’s lockerroom. With the help of thick-dicked Lucas, these brutal thugs overwhelm and completely subdue the naked pervert, forcing him to worship their armpits, choke on their cocks and submit to a vicious spitroast fucking.
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CMNM.net — Timid Tarquin makes his first appearance on CMNM as a rising star on the polo team, but the upperclassmen on the squad take exception to the young upstart. To make sure he’s up to snuff and of the right pedigree, they strip him nude and poke, prod and fondle every inch of his virginal flesh! You’ll never see a more embarrassed and shameful lad wilt under the touch of a group of rowdy men!
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The Casting Room — Victor is a dumb, hung hetero who like to think of himself as sexually supercharged, but to us, he’s a real square who’s wasted his hormones on boring vanilla sex with girls. The casting directors get him to open up and work his hairy asshole for the camera like a kinky, preening teen queer!
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CFNM — Jack is the big loser in the strip poker game, and after he’s stripped naked and has nothing left to bet, he’s got to let the ladies fondle his big heavy balls and soft uncut cock! Better not embarrass yourself with a less-than-stellar- erection around these ball-busting ladies Jack!
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CFNMtv –Private school students Carla and John sneak away from the group during a field trip. They’ve wanted to get more intimate for a long time, and Carla encourages John to strip and get his cock hard for a quick fuck. But instead of joining him, Carla whips out her phone and films her would-be boyfriend masturbating! John is so confused and then mortified when he shoots his load for her camera! How many of her girl friends are going to end up seeing this?
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of tattooed Mexican basketball player Pedro Meza showing off his hard cock!
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Eric Deman — Self fucking is a hot talent! Eric Deman has a video of a skilled boy who slides his tumescent cock into his own asshole! And the hottest part is that he ejaculates around his own sphincter.
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Sneaky Peek — Through the tiny hole in the wall I film these handsome young chaps exposing themselves completely. They are very attractive blokes showering and I can literally smell them as I am so close to them. They all have great bodies and very suckable cocks!
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