Weekly Roundup 11/16: Tristan Risks His Ass to Keep a Secret at CMNM

We’ve got lots of raunchy sexual fun and deviance to keep you warm this weekend. Office fraudster Tristan would rather get anally probed than reveal his crimes at CMNM, while sexy Don is a confident hetero that has no problem flashing his naked ass for an adoring audience at the Casting Room. And naive young Rodrigo got caught in the wrong neighbourhood in Florida, now he’s getting reamed in the ass for trespassing at Helpless Boys. Keep that throbbing beast of yours satisfied this weekend, my friends!

CMNM.net — Young Tristam has been working an enormous scam with his partner Harry and it’s on the verge of imploding. The only thing that stands between freedom and prison for Tristam is being able to withstand the perverted machinations of Mr. Swallows, and he’s got an itch to fuck Tristan’s tight ass with his fingers and a thick dildo.
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Busted Boys — Professional escort Blake has had a few run-ins withthe cops over the years, but he’s always been charming and persuasive enough to talk himself out of trouble. Tonight though, he’s been busted by Officer Haynes, who is a self-hating closet case with a swollen ballsac full of pent up aggresion. When Blake casually offers a favor in return for his freedom, Haynes explodes and strips the rent boy naked, pulling out his thick cock and choking Blake with it. He rams his pole deep into Blake’s asshole while he’s wearing cuffs then covers his face with a rage-filled cumshot.
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The Casting Room — Being a professional Don is aware of how to position his body for the best effect. There’s something sexy about a guy so confident that he knows anyone leering at his body will want to fuck him. And he has such a rabid sex drive that he wants as much as he can get! He’s got a heavy dick that won’t ever quit and it’s especially horny examining his arsehole knowing that he reserves it exclusively for men to fuck.
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Helpless Boys — After having it out with his girlfriend Latino cutie Rodrigo is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Desperate and upset, he waves down the first vehicle he sees, a white van, and begs for help. Luckily for him, the driver Todd is willing to provide transportation for a small fee. Rodrigo doesn’t have any cash, but he does have a tight brown ass. Without any other alternatives, Rodrigo submits and is soon tied up and gagging on big white cock. Todd drills his tight ass in the van and back at the dungeon. He fucks him in several degrading positions then covers him with a huge facial cumshot.
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CFNMtv — Having no choice but to obey his demanding boss, Ricky crawls around on the dirty floor feeling utterly pathetic and worthless in front of his ex. But he desperately needs this job and will do anything to keep it – no matter how humiliating. And the women have plenty more in store for their hapless servant.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Josef gets caught smoking in violation of the house rules. He’s had multiple warnings and his older room mate is finally fed up. He pulls the slim young lad over his knee and swats his tight bum until it’s a humiliating shade of pink. Josef is given one last warning: obey the rules or pack your bags!
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CFNM — Tony has always kept a completely professional demeanour in his police work. Somehow these alluring girls convinced him to strip down to demonstrate their business and now he’s feeling completely overwhelmed as he’s naked and surrounded by them. He’s equally turned on and furious that he’s now in such a vulnerable position.
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Strip Search Hell — The prison guards must be sure not to show obvious favouritism. Sure, they have prisoners who they can chat with and enjoy fantasising about, but the psychos will notice and start kicking off if pretty boys on the wing start get an easy ride. They know that this guy is much too cute to get caught with anything on him. Still, they relish having this guy totally nude so they can have a good old look at all his private parts and gaping arsecheeks.
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