Weekly Roundup 11/8: Lecherous Adrian gets his Latest Lad Naked

Thank god we’ve made it to another weekend…time to get cozy with your favourite beverage and unzip for 48 hours of carnal self care. Check out the beefy jock getting stripped and groped as part of Adrian’s sleazy ploy at CMNM, or take time to savour taut and sinewey scally lad Bass getting his firm bum spanked at Bad Lads. If you want it rough, check out Helpless Boys, where simple-minded college jock Jason gets ambushed and thrust into a captive cock-sucking session with hung stud Todd Hayes. There’s a lot of kink and raunch to get through this weekend my friends – keep it hard and lubed.

CMNM.net — Once Adrian brings the hotel manager up to his room the issue of Patrick’s debauched online activities becomes very serious indeed. The embarrassed goon panics and his instinct is to deny everything. But his intimate photos don’t lie and the only way for them to verify whether these are in fact Patrick’s online posts are to conduct an intrusive naked physical examination of the culprit.
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Bad Lads — Bass is a favourite with men who love gay spanking videos, and he’s back for more punishment. He’s sexy in his tiny little underwear, but the scally lad doesn’t get to keep them on for long. Watch him writhe and squirm as the punishment gets intense, and watch the expression of anguish spread across his face as he gets the painful paddle to his tight buttocks.
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Helpless Boys — Cute young college boy Jason Wolf has been abandoned in the woods by the fraternity he’s pledging to. It looks like he’s outta luck until he spots a white van approaching. He manages to convince the driver, Todd, to give him a lift. When the hazed hottie later reveals that he can’t repay Todd he’s given a harsh dose of reality. Nothing is free and if you want a ride the price is sexual submission. The desperate wannabe frat-bro is soon tied up and gagging on BWC. Todd brutally fucks his little brown ass in the van and back at the dungeon. After a lot of BDSM he continues pounding him then dumps a huge load on his face.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Terminal delinquent Blake has been chafing his dad a lot lately: staying out late, smoking in the house, and a newly acquired potty mouth. Everyone knows young men curse a blue streak, but Blake has been telling his father off, and combined with his other bad behaviour, Dad has had enough. It’s time to get physical, and he holds Blake over the kitchen sink and shoves a bar of soap in his mouth. While the mouth washing is going on, Blake’s pants are stripped and he’s paddled like am adolescent. His rage turns into humiliation as his bum gets red and throbbing.
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CFNM –- Michael has just discovered that this training is something very different from what he was expecting. Instead of being instructed about client relationships these predatory women only seem interested in his body! It feels entirely unethical and inappropriate but their report about his conduct will entirely decide his professional future.
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CFNMtv — PC Roger is in shock. Normally he’s the one in charge and giving orders – with members of the public too scared to resist. Now here he is, bound and helpless with Lucinda showing him that she’s now the boss.
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Sneaky Peek — This college stud is the victim of a cruel prank. His housemates set up a hidden camera in the shower to film him all wet and naked. Now images of his thick, uncut cock have been circulating on campus, and many of the queer old professors have been giving him more than a passing glimpse. Will he ever discover why he’s the object of so many lecherous leers?
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