Weekly Roundup 12/21: Brutal Tops Gives it To You Right in the Mouth

It’s getting to be that magical time of year; time off work, lots of parties, plenty of opportunities to hookup with that handsome stud you just met at the pub. And even on the cold nights when you’re cozy alone with a bottle of red, there’s so much kinky porn to keep you feeling warm and satiated. Brutal Tops has a great new scene featuring Master Marc hovering over the face of his prone slave; the Casting Room features hard man Max, eager to flex his sexual muscles for the camera, and Piss Spy features the illicitly recoded bathroom adventures of an unassuming college guy.

Brutal Tops — Master Marc is really reveling in his cruel imagination. He’s found some medical toilet device that allows him to sti directly over the face of his worthless slave. The sadistic Master Sargeant gives his ass an injection with enema water and he squirts it in the feeble cunt’s face. The shitty bastard is forced to lie there and take it; he has learnt that Sarge’s wrath can be terrifying when he’s disobeyed.
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The Casting Room — When a scary muscle stud like Max specifies how he can’t take any anal play, there’s a special pleasure in getting him to spread his arse for a close inspection of his whole. Notice what a wry smile he has on his face when he’s flashing it like a real teasing cunt! Having such a strong muscle head under your control makes you feel like a corrections officer. This big bad powerhouse is all muscle and thuggish attitude. He handles his hard dick like he’s taming a bitch pounding it furiously until he spunks.
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Piss Spy — This bearded office lad has a lot of repressed desired. He comes to work with no underwear. He pulls out his uncut cock and his balls to take a piss. Shaking the piss drops off to clean his cock, cupping the balls, pulling the shaft. He’s looking for action anywhere you can tell. He just didn’t think it would be gangs of perverts watching his unauthorized and furtive washroom piss videos.
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Busted Boys — College dude Javier likes picking up paid dates on the side to pay for his upscale condo and his expensive tuition. He thinks he’s meeting another sugar daddy at the hotel, but it’s actually the Hollywood, FL vice squad led by officer Todd Haynes. The big-dicked young agent toys with Javier, suggesting he won’t wreck his life in exchange for a BJ. Javier is eager to stay out of jail, and Todd ends up wrecking his hole with his massive cock and sending him to booking with cum smeared all over his face.
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Strip Search Hell — The prison officers have assess whether an inmate will cause them problems. A guy can come in with the full intension of behaving but then goes totally crazy. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jeolousy in others or spread trouble through the jail population. That’s why cleanliness is so important and it doesn’t matter if it comes out the end of a freezing cold hose.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Sam and Connor still can’t get their shit together on the job site. Big brother Andy is pissed off with their incompetence, but instead of wasting his time punishing the slackers, he orders them to perform the humiliating task of pulling down the other man’s pants and swatting their bare buttocks until they have each learned to take the job seriously. Bulky Connor looks ridiculous with his pants down, lying across slim Sam’s lap, but the young man’s hand still stings when it hits Connor’s bare bum, and both lads feel very queasy about having their naked cocks positioned to close to one another.
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CFNMtv — George desperately wants to play a superhero in the movies and will go a long way to get the part. But the audition seems to be getting out of hand as the women unceremoniously rip his costume off revealing his big heavy penis. Surely this isn’t what’s supposed to happen? Time to find out just how far he’s prepared to go to be famous.
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CFNM — The women are pleased with how they’ve tamed this wild Italian stud. He’s gone from bolshy bloke to submissive pup due to their expert supervised discipline. They know men are meant to me moulded for their use and this one makes a particularly tempting plaything with all his brimming testosterone. They want to see just how potent he is by making him wank!
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Sneaky Peek — This dude really takes shower time seriously. He’s covered himself with suds from head to toe, but you can still make out his uncut cock in their amidst all of those bubbles. The dirty fucker even takes a piss in the shower right in front of all of his team mates!
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