Weekly Roundup 12/8: Amateur Bodybuilder Eager to Show off his Throbbing Pole

We’re getting into holiday mode, and that means we’re huddling up somewhere cozy and trying to stay warm What better way to heat up than with a dose of kinky gay porn? The Casting Room features yummy amateur specimen Spencer, who has been working on his body and is eager to show off his stroke to the world, while CMNM features Terry and Jack Taylor getting overcome by lust in the ongoing CMNM public toilet storyline. Finally, Master Aaron is showing off his talent far and wide, punishing twinks at Yesir Boys. Keep it hot and throbbing, we’re going to have a long winter!

The Casting Room — There’s a particular kind of arrogance that comes with straight lads who apply to be in porn because they claim everyone says they should do it. Spencer here is your typical alpha male, plumber and bodybuilder. He’s full of confidence and brazenly expects to be instantly employed to fuck dozens of chicks.
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YESIR Boys — Aaron spots voyeur Clyde who’s gotten himself hard by watching Aaron play. No master can let a dirty boy toy like Clyde go unpunished. After working himself up, Aaron teaches Clyde a lesson in submission, spitting in his face and spanking him until his cheeks are fully red. This lesson is quickly followed by foot licking and a hot creamy facial, before Clyde is roughly kicked out of the room.
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CMNM.net — Builder boy Jack gets face-to-face with his friend Terry, who’s ass he’s been fingering. The vicer and the park keeper are eager to see these macho men forced to kiss and strip.
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Brutal Tops — Master Aaron is eager to force his tubby shitstain slave to rim his hole and clean his asscrack with his tongue. Aaron sits on the cur’s face and alternates between enjoying his rimjob and suffocating the pathetic fag slave suffering beneath him.
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CFNMtv — The Milk-O-Matic promises to revolutionise the extraction of sperm and solve the problem of unwanted erections. OK, so it’s not actually intended for human use… but the Doctor is certain it will be very effective. As a terrified George quivers with fear, Doctor Charrington brings over her latest acquisition.
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CFNM — The women have crowded around Nick’s naked body and overwhelmed him to the point where he’s desperate to get off. This proud wannabe model has lost all his sense and is thinking only with his dick now. He knows what a spectacle he’s making of himself with his big stiff erection being filmed on camera but there’s nothing he can do to stop what’s happening.
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Straight Lads Spanked — 18 year old Jason has been caught spying in the girl’s locker room and he’s been sent home to his mortified father for punishment. God knows what the school or the police might have in store for his son the peeping tom, but Dad is going to make sure his son is getting the worst of the punishment from him, and he’s deliving the pain with an old-fashioned leather strap!
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Strip Search Hell — Prison is supposed to be a deterrent right? But how are young lads supposed to know how bad it is until they’ve experienced it? In fact, a lot of lads think jail is a badge of honour. An ordeal that makes you a man. With this in mind they happily go around thieving. If they don’t get caught it’s all good. So what do they do? They get cockier, and cockier almost in a way that will guarantee them getting binned. Do you think the authorities know this? Do you think prison officers enjoy stripping cocky lads?
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