Weekly Roundup 1/20: Desperate DILF Flashes his Asshole for $$$

It’s January 20, and shit’s finally getting real! I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I don’t want to face the world and would rather hole up for the weekend with porn and more porn. Thank God O&C has got me covered with their surefire updates of raunchy perversion. The Casting Room features another young DILF ready to show his asshole for cash; Brutal Tops feature Liam getting a hot armpit licking, and CMNM features Matteo forced to debase himself for three hot men in suits. Wank hard this weekend!

The Casting Room — It’s easy to fall for Fred with his big eyes, curly hair and sweet smile. He’s a new father trying to earn some big money. There’s something so sexy about a new father. You know his sperm is really potent – especially when he has a perfect virgin asshole like Fred. He’s wanted to get into porn for ages, but scammers have only taken money off him up until this point. That’s going to change now especially as he’s so open to trying out every kind of perversity with anyone male or female. It’s going to take some direction and training, but Fred has the ability to go far!
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Brutal Tops — Liam is really getting into this role as a sexual bully! He forces his slave to humiliate himself by licking his smelly armpits and sitting on his slave’s face. Liam is really getting to love this sexual sadism and loves the feeling of his asshole getting rimmed out by his groveling slave.
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CMNM.net — Matteo is used to respect in the office, but his title of manager couldn’t mean less to Adrian, Dave and Daniel. The three bespoke thugs manhandle naked Matteo, probing his asshole and forcing the bearded daddy to lick their leather oxfords clean.
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Sneaky Peek — More amateur athletes are caught on the hidden shower-cam, exposing their soapy cocks and hairy asses. This particularly fuckable dad is blissfully ignorant of the camera capturing his shower and plastering his naked image all over the internet.
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CFNM — Despite the deep sense of shame he feels, Andre’s penis is still reacting strongly to the women’s attentions. Kate wants to see just how big an erection he’s capable of, so decides to stimulate him even more. She might find his TV persona irritating in the extreme but she always has time when there is a big cock to play with!
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Strip Search Hell — Even the most experienced inmate makes the mistake of wise-cracking the warders. They get a little too sure of themselves and think the screws are on their side. What idiots. Then it’s a guaranteed visit to Mr Freeze to cool them down. The warders don’t need to come up with cruel punishments that will cause lasting marks to their bodies. A simple ice cold hosing down of a naked man is usually enough to remind him who he is (answer: nothing) and where he is.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has new video footage spying on hot truckers having a piss by the roadside. These sexy dudes let it flow while having no idea they are being watched and filmed!
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