Weekly Roundup 12/09: Filthy Enema Fetish Video at Brutal Tops

Another Friday rolls around already, and you perverts are very lucky for there’s loads of wank material at O&C to keep you horny all weekend. First up is Master Lee at Brutal Tops getting filthy with his slave, forcing the poor cunt to drink drink his enema juice. Next up on CMNM, Headmaster Adrian grooms school bully Daniel to be his very own predator, roaming the school halls looking for new lads to strip, fondle and humiliate; and the Casting Room features amateur stud Fergus getting his first cock from hung top Dave and then flip-fucking and ramming his own throbbing bone deep inside the shaved-head fucker. So many men, so much raunch in time for the weekend!

Brutal Tops — Lee is getting incredibly raunchy this week at Brutal Tops. He’s harassing his slave to extremes, forcing the naked coward to rim his asshole, and then he fills his ass up with dirty water and squirts it right into the wretch’s face! Enjoy the sick enema fetish video this week at Brutal Tops.
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CMNM.net — Headmaster Adrian is always on the lookout to recruit troubled lads to do his bidding around the school. He draws them in, gets them naked and humiliates them in pure CMNM fashion, and then he sends them out to find other lads who feel weak and susceptible to groping, fondling and embarrassing hazing! That’s just what happens when Adrian fondles Daniel’s massive pole and then sends him out to find a weak lad (Craig) for them to share.
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The Casting Room — Former scandal lad Fergus is making up for lost time in the Casting Room. After making his second porn debut last week, the hetero-flexible beefcake is paired with Dave and the two his explosive sexual chemistry. Dave worships Fergus’s throbbing cock and takes his hot load in his mouth. It’s always so fun and sexy to watch a hard man like Dave bottom for new talent like Fergus!
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CFNMtv — It’s another day at the doctor’s surgery and Dawn is sat at reception doing her work experience. Normally it’s very boring – just answering the phone and greeting people as they arrive. But today is going to be a lot more exciting – with the arrival of petty thug Kirk.
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CFNM — Donovan feels incredibly vulnerable. The women have seen it all before but for him it’s his first experience of being naked and surrounded by fully-clothed females. With every second that ticks by his nervousness increases. And he has good reason to fear her as Kate Stone has some very special plans for the sporty hunk.
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Sneaky Peek — This soccer stud thinks he’s quite the hot piece of ass, and he’s the kind of guy who’s constantly checking out the other guys in the locker room to see how they compare to him. Little does he know he’s got a camera trained on him the entire time he’s undressing and showering.
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Strip Search Hell — Reception has an important role to play in jail. It’s the first time the prison officers can really size up what the man is like. They need to make sure whether he is bent or just jail bent. Often it is difficult to tell without having an intimate examination of the lad’s genitals and arsehole. Yes they are checking for contraband and that is the line to take. But really they want to see how ragged the bloke’s cunt is and put him in a suitable cell. There’s very little point having one wing full of sexually frustrated men separated from the missus and another wing full of men happy for anyone up them for a fag.
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has new footage spying on cyclists changing into their gear outside their cars or stopping by the roadside for a quick piss. Covert spying on hot athletic men’s dicks and asses!
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