Weekly Roundup 2/21: Scheming Managers Blackmail the Boss at #CMNM

Have you been struggling to make it through the week? You made it just in time for the weekly roundup, where we give you a high octane dose of our favourite gay raunch, bondage and voyeurism to make the weekend special. Dave and his new pal Patrik have their boss in a very unflattering situation at CMNM, and they’re determined to make the most of it. Straight Lads Spanked has a great update featuring Coach Bailey going after one of his under-performing players extra hard, and Helpless Boys features hung top Todd cruising the back roads for lost hitch hikers, and he finds Jason Wolf in a very vulnerable position. Keep it lubed this weekend, my horny friends!

CMNM.net — The suited fellas, Dave and Patrik, are showing stuck up regulator Alan who is really the boss. He’s pinned naked between the two men as they slide their fingers in his arse and fondle his genitals enjoying their absolute power over him. There’s no way for him to regain the upper hand after this humiliating afternoon. The guys are determined to drive him into absolute depravity and then capture photographic evidence to stitch him up for good!
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Straight Lads Spanked — Coach Bailey is back! He is tougher, stricter and meaner than ever. The swimming team is not doing so well and Coach Bailey seems to be looking for someone to blame. Young Dom gets summoned to the coaches office to answer to a list of offences. Some might say that Dom’ crimes are trivial. Some could say that Coach Bailey is being extra mean. Has the power gone to Coach Bailey’s head? Well Dom gets spanked very hard indeed with Bailey using his full strength! But then the wooden paddle makes an appearance and Dom’s bottom faces the full brunt of it and the marks left are clear for everyone to see!
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Helpless Boys — Cute young college boy Jason Wolf has been abandoned in the woods by the fraternity he’s pleading to. It looks like he’s outta luck until he spots a white van approaching. He manages to convince the driver, Todd, to give him a lift. When the hazed hottie later reveals that he can’t repay Todd he’s given a harsh dose of reality. Nothing is free and if you want a ride the price is sexual submission. The desperate wannabe frat-bro is soon tied up and gagging on BWC. Todd brutally fucks his little brown ass in the van and back at the dungeon. After a lot of BDSM he continues pounding him then dumps a huge load on his face.
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Bad Lads — A hard spanking and pounding anal sex is in store for this bad boy. His ass is going to get smacked until it’s bright red, and then covered with a big puddle of sperm.
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Strip Search Hell — This “urban youth” has been dragged through the courts and is now sitting in prison awaiting his sentence. The guards love ogling the huge privates on this one. How is he going to fare in prison? He’s going to make some weakling his bitch and ride it out.
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CFNMtv — It’s a very humiliating time for Brian – having to allow the stern woman to take samples of his pubic hair from around his genitals and anus. But that’s nothing to the discomfort of the anal swab. And he’s in for a shock when the three women fall upon him to extract the most important sample of all – some of his precious semen!
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CFNM –- Paddy has undergone the bucket test and next is his previous rival Richard who is giving the preening pretty boy a run for his money. He’s currently tied for second place and Richard has a cool quiet determination which could see him through to the championship. Richard found the pony race harder than he was expecting but how will he fare in this new challenge?!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s some incredible new footage for you! Looks like this sexy bearded student has had a hard day. He stumbles to his room and collapses into bed. He must still be buzzing because he wakes back up to have a dirty little wank only to be rudely interrupted by his buddies who are still looking to party! It’s amazing to see him caught with his boner in his fist!
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