Weekly Roundup 2/26: Athletic Antonio shoots cum like a cannon!

In this week’s roundup, there is so much to drool over and get hard for. Highlighting the group is Antonio from the Casting Room, a sexual dynamo making his porn debut. I was completely impressed by his big, thick cock and heavy balls; this fit man is completely drool-worthy. Also showcased is Aiden, making his first appearance at CMNM as the boss’s nephew, and his high and mighty attitude gets him in deep trouble with the blue collar stiffs down at the factory. He’s stripped and fondled by none other than Daniel Johnson, who has been appearing in tons of porn since supposedly “retiring”. More highlights include a beefy tough guy getting humbled and shamed during a prison search at StripSearch Hell, and one quarterback taking a facial from another at CFNMtv! So much sexual humiliation to jack it to this weekend guys!

The Casting Room — Antonio can’t wait to show off his throbbing cock for the camera. He’s dreamed of being in porn for years and now that it’s his chance, he wants to impress the directior with the size of his cock and the size of his load!
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CMNM.net — Aiden is the boss’s nephew and he’s been quite the goody-two-shoes since he started at the factory as a junior manager. Now he’s caught in the workmen’s lockerroom at the end of shift and his uncle is no where to protect him. The blue collar mechanics have had it with this twerp and want to se for themselves what’s underneath that cheap suit and thrift store tie.
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Strip Search Hell — This week’s prison wretch is a fraudster who caught the eye of the warders — he thinks he’s high and mighty like most of these white collar criminals, but the guards know his tight pink butthole won’t stay flower fresh for long. He’s gong to have a line of tough old geezers waiting to pound his tight hole!
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CFNMtv — More used to the rough and tumble of the sports field, Carl and Jack are totally out of their depth with the confident women. Totally helpless and under their control they must submit to every test – whether they want to or not. One thing is for certain, when the women decide they are finished with them, the two sportsmen will never forget their experiences in the dank and miserable room sucking cock.
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CFNM — Rita Barcliff has had a huge shock. Convinced that Paulo is in love with her she’s just been shopping to buy him some nice things to wear on their holiday together. Now she’s walked in on quite a scene – her two female co-workers and a stark naked Paulo! Betty and Farrah are saying one thing and her boyfriend is saying another. But who should she believe?
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of Spanish footballer Iago Bouzon getting his shorts ripped aside on the pitch to reveal his cock and balls!
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Sneaky Peek — The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek.net spies on this hot naked athlete soaping himself up in the shower without a care in the world. He rubs his chest, casually adjusts his balls and rubs his hand up and down his asscrack completely unaware he’s being filmed!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has more video of your Dad taking a big hot piss by the side of the highway!
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