Weekly Roundup 3/2: Master Leo Fucks Like a Jackhammer at BrutalTops

This week’s roundup is full of humiliation, domination and kink — Chiefly Master Leo who shows all the Brutal Tops fans how he Fucks like a jackhammer. Recent Casting Room wannabe Frankie Quinn is looking very sexy and ripped in his solo scene at UK Hot Jocks, and 18 year old Jacob earns a spanking from his Dad at Straight Lads Spanked. Lube it up, it’s going to be a long, hard weekend ahead!

Brutal Tops — Master Leo has had enough of his slave’s pathetic groveling, and now it’s time to pulverize the pathetic wanker with his throbbing cock! Leo pounds slave Tony’s ass like a jackhammer and spews his filthy cum across his slave’s disgusting face.
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UK Hot Jocks — You may remember Frank’s Casting Room audition a few weeks ago…it seems the fit young man has a rising star! From Casting Room to Locker Jock in a few weeks, Frankie looks amazing in his kinky athletic singlet, and his raging hard on shows you how much he loves showing off for the camera.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jacob just turned 18 and he’s finished with school and he feels like a grown man. What gorwn man lives with his parents and sleeps through his job? His dad comes home and reads him the riot act — get your act together, and to drive hime the point, the old man gives churlish young Jacob a stinging spanking across his knee!
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CFNMtv — it’s a frenzy of naked male bodies rubbing up against the fully-clothed girls in the school assembly hall. But when Marcus tries to put a dampener on things the girls decide it’s time to teach him a lesson. While he struggles in their grips Ms Daniels is teaching Mr Craig a special lesson of her own – how to be subservient to a superior female. But it won’t be easy and will involve a lot of pain – something Mr Craig is unprepared for.
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CFNM — It may be going against his principles and everything he’s been trained to believe, but now Liam stands naked before the women he feels such a fucking thrill at the forbidden nature of his total exposure. He nervously awaits this boss lady’s judgement. It’s her approval he needs to launch what he feels will be his inevitable stardom!
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Strip Search Hell — For men who love to check out other men’s cocks the dream job is of couse prison officer. You can have your pick of all the healthy hard men and have them strip naked for you at your whim. Most of these criminals are missing the wife back home and their balls are desperately over filled and the men suffer from acute fuck-hunger. Get them naked and not only can you examine every inch of their cock, balls and arseholes, often they will spring a very involuntary erection which is fun for everyone looking at their exposure.
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Sneaky Peek — A tiny camera films this cute, gym-toned lad as he showers. There’s some powerful guys on show around here with toned butts and big dangling dicks and this cutie is the best of the lot. He can’t see the camera which is specially mounted to spy on him, and that’s just as well. He’d be furious if he ever found out that I’d been sharing this amazing video on the internet!
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