Weekly Roundup 3/17: Sadistic Prodigy Aaron Chokes a Slave with His Piss

Featured in the Roundup this week is a great new update from Brutal Tops: Angelic Aaron makes his debut as a perverted hard man, and he’s bent on petty revenge for all of the shit he’s had to put up with a Breeder Fuckers. He forces his slovenly slave to suck his cock and drink his piss; it’s a hell of a dominant debut for Aaron! Elsewhere, lithe young Leo appears in his gay porn audition video at the Casting Room, and Strip Search Hell has raw footage of a gangster taken down a peg by an ice-cold hose down in the shower room. Plenty here to keep you hard all week!

Brutal Tops — Tattooed cutie Aaron makes his debut as a ferocious master on Brutal Tops this week. He’s got a lot of pent up aggression to release after his weeks of torture and humiliation in the Breeder Fuckers dungeon. He’s looking strapping in his football uniform, and he’s in the locker room to dominate the big, scruffy daddy derisively nicknamed “turd”. Aaron chokes turd with a giant dildo and forces the woofy slave to suck his cock, then he grabs the old man by the hair, wrenches his head back and pisses in his open mouth. Aaron’s wicked sadism is blossoming into something beautiful to watch at Brutal Tops.
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The Casting Room — Leo is a young bisexual English lad who has a lust for group scenes. He’s fucked guys and girls in every combination, but he’s eager to get paid to do it. His audition is very sexy and he shows off his tattoos and his hairy asshole without hesitation. He’s very horny and when it’s time for his ejaculation test, he doesn’t even need porn to get it up. He looks into the camera, knowing thousands of lustful guys are watching him and he shoots out a healthy load of youthful sperm for his new adoring fans.
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CFNM — Even though he’s a respected businessman, Mr Bagshaw is made to feel like a naughty schoolboy by domineering Cassy. Bent naked over a desk Cassy takes her cane to his big pale arse. This is the most humiliating experience of his life being disciplined in front of this fearsome woman and a smiling schoolgirl.
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CFNMtv — Maurice is king of the castle. His timid wife creeps around the house, cleaning and trying to keep out of her husband’s way. She wants to be a good wife, but she seems to continuously disappoint Maurice. He’s always angry with her and putting her down. Because of this Felicity has very low self confidence and would never dare disobey his orders.
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek catches a hot young builder getting ready for a long day on the job site. He strips down in the locker room and lets his cock linger in the camera’s field of view, almost as if he knows he’s being illicitly filmed and he wants to make a good impression. What a suckable cock on this young man!
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Strip Search Hell — Dyed in the wool “gangsters” really think they are employees in the service of crime. They are so set in their bent ways they have no idea how normal people behave. There is a whole pecking order in prison that they adhere to and think everyone else should obey too. It all comes crashing down of course when a young prison officer takes offence at their cocky ways and the lag finds himself dragged off, stripped entirely naked and bundled into a shower area for an ice-cold hosing down.
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