Weekly Roundup 5/15: New Elder Anointed in Missionary Boys 3-way

Welcome to another weekly roundup, and I’ve found the best gay raunch and hardcore on offer for the week. Stay awhile to satisfy your cravings, my friends! If you love the taboo fantasies of Mormon church scandals, you’ll love this scene of a church Bishop and elder anointing a novice with their blessed staffs at Missionary Boys. Or if the Catholic priest thing is more your kink, check out the confession booth fuck scene at Yes Father. Or if you want it hard and abusive, check out the military meatheads tormenting the regimental sissy boy at Brutal Tops. No need to keep it your pants this weekend, my friends. Stay hard, stay strong, stay safe!

Missionary Boys — Elder Mason is a precocious, vibrant talent in the mission, and there is no ceiling on his potential. The men of the Order see it right away and firmly believe he would make a fantastic priest. So, when Bishop Jesse asks Elder Mason to help in Madden’s Anointing, Madden is honored to have such inspirational men lead him through the ritual. With a steady and smooth hand, Elder Mason drizzles the consecrated oil over Madden’s supple body, Anointing him. Bishop Jesse looks on with tender eyes, impressed at the care with which Elder Mason comports himself. Finally, after watching the boy work his magic, Bishop Jesse rewards both the missionaries with his legendary cock. The boys kneel and lick his cock from tip to root, sharing it in a worshipping embrace.
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Yes Father — Felix finds himself in the throes of an unholy affair with one of the priests. The older man constantly showers him with attention, making his desire more than apparent. And after a while, Felix is no longer able to restrain himself. He gives in to his curiosity and allows the dirty religious man to explore his virgin asshole. He commits the sin of sodomy, and he cannot bear the misdeed once it’s complete.
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My Dirtiest Fantasy — After much foot play Izan decides it’s best for a more hands on approach, which he does, focusing on the boys nipples whilst playing with Jared’s cock. It goes without saying that after much foreplay, Izan really want’s to get into this kinky fuckers hole! Starting off with some rimming, and Jarred sucking his cock, Izan has all the lube he’ll need to go straight into this boy’s hole. With some ferocious morbid sport fueled fucking it’s not long before they’re both spurting their loads, which Jarred plays with in his mouth before showing off some more of his skills.

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Brutal Tops — This sad fuckwit has proven how desperate it is to get off! No self control! As soon as Dave and Aaron unleash its cock and it gets a smell of their sweaty bodies it grows a stiffy. It’s fucking hilarious beating that dick back down again! Best to keep it under lock and key. It still begs to get off like a horny dog so they clamp a shock collar around its big stupid nut sack. Haha! What a power rush! One little press of a button and this dumb fuck animal gets an agonizing zap to its balls! Now this naked loser is at the sadists beck and call to polish their boots with its tongue so they’ll be shining when sarge comes round for inspection. Dave knew it’d pay to keep a fag locked up in the barracks and it’s such a laugh hazing the sad fuckin loser!
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Busted Boys — 22 year old college dropout Aaron has been working the motels near the beach. He’s caught up in the vice sweep, but horny Officer Austin decides to fuck that fresh hole before taking him downtown for booking. How is he going to look with cum all over his face in his booking photo?
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Straight Lads Spanked — Mr X has a brand new visitor and a very unusual situation. Sebastian has arrived wracked with guilt. He has presented himself to Mr X of his own accord. No one ha sent him. Sebastian, is getting married to the love of his life. He did something terrible though and cheated on her. It was a one night stand and it is over. It is not over for Sebastian though and he is struggling to live with the guilt. He can’t sleep and can hardly look at his fiance he loves so much. Sebastian feels like he needs to be punished so he presents himself to Mr X and pays for a spanking.
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CFNMtv — The two naked men are completely under the control of the two fully clothed women. Jack lost all of his clothes in the poker game and now must face the consequences. While the dumb pizza boy with his limited grasp of the language, is too intimidated by them to resist. Karen and Siobhan are making the most of the situation – at the expense of the hapless males.
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CFNM –- What lady of leisure hasn’t dreamed of being waited on by a big naked stud? Here the female judges are served by the naked competitors who are shackled and face a challenging obstacle course! Edward and Richard must bring the ladies their drinks and not spill any while being pelted with footballs! This could get messy!
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Sneaky Peek — While all these sporty lads have soap in their eyes and are mindlessly chattering away they have no idea that a hidden camera is capturing all this sexy straight cock and bum on video! There are some fucking hot moments here where the boys bend over to inadvertently give a view of ass crack and bulging pink balls between their legs!
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