Weekly Roundup 5/17: Adorable Muscle Pup gets his Big Bum Spanked

How happy are to you have finally made it to the end of another ball-busting week? If this is your oasis of calm, enjoy this bounty of kiny, filth and sexual humiliation. Try this adorable muscle stud from Prague at Bad Lads, and watch him get his bouncy butt groped and spanked. Or check out nervous amateur Alex stroking his meaty shaft for the gay porn directors at the Casting Room. And if you want it rougher, check out abusive prick Officer Todd fucking a pleading rentboy at Busted Boys. Grip it tight and never let it go, my friends!

Bad Lads — Dominant lad Ruben (or Pig Boy to his adoring fans) is administering a lesson in discipline and submission at Bad Lads. His subject is a vision of pure male youth and vitality. A strapping muscle pup, only 19 or 20, being stripped and groped by Ruben in the shower, then spanked with growing intensity on his slick skin. So fine!
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The Casting Room — How sweet is it that we get to inspect every inch of this banging hot mechanic’s body?! Something about Alex’s facial features and expressions make him appear like a dumb jock and this is such a turn on while watching him in detail. He prefers women but for the right cash he’s willing to screw anyone. Alex enjoys showing off his muscles and though he’s hesitant about allowing a finger up his ass, but he’s instructed to spread it for a clear view. Alex gets an erection that’s so meaty and tempting it’s difficult to resist not bending down and sucking it like the video he’s jacking off to. This sexy fella knows how to put on a show and I’m ready and willing to buy a ticket for it!
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Busted Boys — Officer Todd is obsessed with cleaning up the streets of Hollywood, FL. He sets up prostitution stings every weekend to snare these immoral boy whores, but in reality, Todd’s obsession is rooted in his own lust for male flesh and his need to dominate to get aroused. He busted Valentino, chokes him on his throbbing cock, then slaps the cuffs on and reams his rentboy ass. The final humiliation is bringing him to the jailhouse with cum smeared all over his face.
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Strip Search Hell — This chap has been in for a few days and he’s not having a very good time of it. You’ll see that he doesn’t have a particularly nice looking cock, which entertains the lags when he’s told to strip and flop it out. Also, his arse is coming into use by sexually ravenous criminals who get hold of him at their leisure. He’s got a wife and a few kids outside so you can see on his face a look of perpetual upset. He knows that he’s becoming a figure of sexual release in the prison and, on top of that, he’s getting a taste for being fucked on a daily basis! What will his missus say when he gets out and he confesses what he’s been up to?
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Straight Lads Spanked — Tardy Blake gets a taste of real punishment. This is his first time working with Dave, and he’s already rescheduled and then turns up late and hungover. Dave is pissed and turns this into a real life lecture about keeping your promises and living up to your commitments. Blake looks supremely uncomfortable as Dave spanks him for real while chiding him about being a fuckup. Real spankings are my favourite!
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CFNMtv — Henry’s heart beats madly in his chest as the doctor’s words sink in. Having to expose his privates to the doctor with his penis fully erect is incredibly distressing for him. He is only a simple man and is totally bewildered by the way the women bossily order him around. But he hasn’t the wit nor the will to disobey them.
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CFNM –- Rowan is outraged that Ms Stern has just stripped him of his tighty whities! It feels so wrong but what can he do with the double authority of his teacher and the head teacher demanding he take this punishment? This is so embarrassing – he wants to disappear totally – but all he can feel is their gaze alongside that of cheeky schoolgirl Evie.
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Sneaky Peek — A young scruff gets naked for the shower, but could he dream his suckable cock is being broadcast around the world to tens of thousands of leering perverts?
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