Weekly Roundup 5/4: CMNM Perverts Corrupt Another Naked Man

There’s another assload of kinky, hard gay sex on tap at the Straight Hell Videos Roundup! Sexy Russian Mikhail gives in to his carnal desires at CMNM, while sexy top Maurice sexually humiliates his slave in public at Brutal Tops. And check out hot and horny hillbilly Dustin, cruising the backwoods looking for a teen boy to make his bitch at new site Helpless Boys. Keep it hard and lubed this weekend my friends!

CMNM.net — Headmaster Swallows and Mr. Walker find out their Russian bitch boy Mikhail secretly loves getting his ass fingered and his cock stroked by powerful men. When they confront him with the obvious truth, Mikhail sprouts an enormous boner and gleefully agrees to become their willing helper in their corrupt and perverted school discipline scheme.
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Helpless Boys — Using a dirt road shortcut to get to a friend’s house in order to beat the traffic isn’t a good idea when you’re low on gas. Slim black boy Blue Cole has just learned this the hard way and is now stranded in the woods. Fortunately country boy Dustin arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a ride, for a fee. Desperate and broke, Cole reluctantly sexually submits to the bearded brute. Dustin ties him up, slaps him around, brutally pounds his tight ass then hoses him with a big facial cumshot.
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The Casting Room — This laid back hetero Ferenc has always wanted to try being in a porn video. With his fit body and eager cock he thinks he should be instantly cast in a film where women suck his dick. But this is all about a business and if Ferenc isn’t willing to do more than this there won’t be much work for him. Given that he’s never been naked on camera before and he’s so shy about his arse the directors take this opportunity to film him flashing his bum in detail. Given what a ripe tempting peach he’s got it’s a shame this will probably be the only time anyone will see his tight virgin hole!
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Brutal Tops — Thug tops Maurice and Dave pick out a jeering boor from the crowd at a gay pride parade and lure him into the park. He thinks they’ve got beers to share, but what they want is to strip the shithead naked and humiliate him within sight of hundreds of people passing through the park.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Stripped naked, Simon goes back over Mr X’s knee for a final humiliating and painful spanking on his bare bottom which soon has him crying out and wriggling around on the older man’s lap…. but then, that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? By the time his ordeal is over, Simon is a very sorry young man with a very sore red bottom.
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Strip Search Hell — Prisoners are a mixed bunch when it comes to how clean they keep themselves. A few won’t be seen out of their cells without their looking their best when others are stinking bunch of mean little fuckers. The screws keep away from these characters. Lads who stink have been known to cause riots!
A case in point is this vicious brute – he’s been sent down for something unsavoury but his biggest offence is that committed against everyone’s sense of smell, so feel a little sympathy for the poor screws who have to get this fella to bend over and spread open his odorous arsehole.
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CFNMtv — The confident and clever ladies at Glove Bunny are thrilled with the success they have had conning poor Luke. So when another of the enforcement officers turns up they see another opportunity to add to their collection of “models”. Will this one be as gullible as the last though?
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CFNM — Liam is totally baffled by Ms Langdon’s unorthodox punishment for his peeping on the girls. Shouldn’t he just be given detention or a written warning?! Instead here he is stark naked and at the mercy of these insatiably curious girls who paw over his body like they own him. He doesn’t see how he’ll ever live down this shame!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s a great locker room video of a fit black jock, carefree as he strips naked to get into uniform. Get a long lingering look at his cock and his delicious butt. He’d never guess his pictures are going out over the internet to be drooled over by thousands!
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