Weekly Roundup 6/12: Muscle Man Spanked Hard

Here’s the Straight Hell weekly roundup – not going to waste time with a lot of chit-chat, you’re just here for hot pix of dudes fucking dudes. Bad Lads has a really hot video of buff Czech dud Pavel getting spanked hard by kinky sadist Pig Boy Ruben. Brutal Tops features Dave and Master Aaron inflicting really ugly punishment on wretched slave boy Tony. Yes Father has a really hot video of Father Fiore training young Felix in the ways of servicing Priests (and thus the Lord). Hard times call for hard cocks my friends. Keep it up!

Bad Lads — Buff Pavel got caught masturbating after he promised Pig Boy Ruben he was going to tone it down. Ruben is in no mood for excuses, and he gives the muscle man a thrashing across his broad buttocks with the leather paddle.
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My Dirtiest Fantasy — Adam seems to be the ideal slaveboy, sat in the cage in a straitjacket waiting for his master to return to give him some more use and abuse. After sucking of Master Aaron, he’s moved to the top-side of the cage, ass spread, and awaiting some spanking. Not only does he get a nice red ass, but also his feet don’t seem to go un-noticed. Not all the fun ends there, as then he’s fucked, and then literally hung upside down, ready for more spanking before ending with a face full of cum!
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Brutal Tops — Master Aaron and Master Dave often work out with a punching bag building up their biceps and pounding that fucking thing till they’re dripping with sweat. Using this sniveling little cunt they can give their legs a work out too. That disgusting dangling pink ball sack makes the perfect target! Securing it in place using a dog collar, they take turns giving big strong kicks to its scrotum. WHACK! Haha! It’s soooo funny watching this faggot bitch get winded and nearly collapse from getting those nads kicked back up inside its body! What a rush completely fucking pulverizing this loser’s heavy nut sack.
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Yes Father — Father Fiore is tasked with training Felix to become an Altar Boy, he is more than thrilled to take it on. Fiore meets the lad in the ceremonial training room, and Felix immediately develops a lump in his throat. This is one of the few times he will get to be alone with Fiore without arousing any suspicion from his classmates or the other priests. He feels Fiore’s steady gaze on his young body, and he’s sure that if he stays still and obeys the priest’s commands, there is a strong possibility that his fantasies will be fulfilled. He holds his breath as Fiore kisses his lips and slowly takes off his clothes. And as the man licks his tight asshole, he is sure he is in a dream. It’s only when the priest penetrates his ass and fucks him hard that Felix realizes his dreams have become a reality.
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Missionary Boys — Elder Herring feels safe being in the temple, alone with the prestigious priest. And when the President Oaks moves toward him and puts his hand on his leg, he feels his heart flutter in his chest. He can barely believe what is happening. Just a moment ago, he thought he was going to be asked to be Oaks’s assistant. Now he is about to have his first sexual experience with the man he has always fantasized about.He sucks Oaks’s erect cock, letting it slide all the way down his throat as he tries to please him as best he can. Then, he sits on the priest’s boner, feeling it fill his tight hole as he rides it. As he gets penetrated deeper and deeper, He feels an intense satisfaction he has never experienced before. All he can think about as Oaks drenches his body in warm cum, is an immense desire to serve the priesthood forever.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Chris has been given a second chance and invited back round to do some decorating work. However, he clearly can’t seem to learn lessons as he decides to rifle thought the owners belongings and steal some money. Chris left a trail and was caught red handed! The house owner is very disappointed and let-down that Chris has betrayed his trust and decides that a punishment is in order. So Chris is spanked there and then, dragged over the house owners knee and given a good hard spanking! His work clothes get removed offering no protection to his exposed bottom. It’s not just a hand spanking though as Chris is made to stand against the wall and feel the full force of the belt lashing his bare bum!
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Busted Boys — Rough young cop wants to make this perp’s life hell. If this rentboy is into cock, he can handle all 10 inches of this cop’e dick without complaining.
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CFNMtv — Carla and John have longed to be able to get more intimate and Carla wastes no time in encouraging John to strip off so she can check out his naked body. She excitedly toys with his penis – seeing it for the very first time. Estelle, Mindy and Belinda watch on with delight. But prudish do-gooder Donald is horrified and soon cannot contain himself any longer.
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CFNM –- The ladies are revving to see these two fearsome lads go head to head! Seeing strong lads restrained like this with their ankles chained together is such a turn on. It’s like having big powerful slaves at their beck and call to serve them drinks while they leisurely sit and enjoy the view of their fit naked bodies! No matter which man finishes first the ladies are the real winners!
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Sneaky Peek — The hairy hunk here strips out of his football kit and finds his foreskin has slid back. It’s hot watching him slide that long silky cover back over the head of his dick… not to mention him bending over fully. That arse is so tight!
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