Weekly Roundup 6/19: Master Aaron Does Double Duty, Makes Double the Trouble

Here’s the Straight Hell weekly roundup – not going to waste time with a lot of chit-chat, you’re just here for hot pix of dudes fucking dudes. My Dirtiest Fantasy has Master Aaron tormenting his rope up boytoy until he’s squirting cum all over himself. Brutal Tops gives you a double dose of Aaron as he and Martin torment their naked, pathetic scum slave in the locker room. Yes Father has a horny priest sneaking into a student’s room after dark for a hot blowjob and fuck. Stay hard in the hard times, my friends.

My Dirtiest Fantasy — Clyde’s torment is far from over, as now, laying on a table, Master Aaron ties his feet in chains, linked to the ceiling to lift up the boy’s legs. With some clamps on his nipples, Aaron puts his foot on Clyde’s face and makes him lick them before putting his used underwear in the boy’s mouth and taping it shut. Aaron finishes the boy off with some more teasing and eventually makes the boy cum.
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Brutal Tops — The showers at the gym are busted so Master Martin and Aaron are absolutely stinking with sweat! Luckily there’s a pathetic gay LOSER on hand to give their bodies a tongue bath. They corner it in the toilets and demand it licks their bodies all over especially their wet hairy pits and crotches. This eager fucking pig desperately laps it all up and Aaron RAMS its head into his buddy’s arse demanding its tongue lick all around his moist sphincter. They also use the greedy bitch as their urinal unleashing a stream of reeking piss directly into its mouth and demanding it swallow ever drop! Haha! Now the fucker has a belly full of their sweat and piss!
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Yes Father — When cute Felix O’Dair feels under the weather, Father Landon checks on him in the dorm rooms. He discovers the boy is faking it and buries his seed deep in the Lad’s hungry gut to make sure he learns to never cry wolf again
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Missionary Boys — Bishop Davies asks Dean to aid in Elder Herring’s Sacrament ceremony. It’s an unusual request, one that rouses suspicion from the boys right away, but they have no recourse but to go along with what has been planned for them. They arrive in the temple unsure of what their fate will be. Will Bishop Davies come right out and chastise them? Or will he play more coy? In defiance of all expectation, the man doesn’t even say a word. He simply looks at the boys knowingly and caresses their bodies, tacitly inviting them to join. The boys kiss as though it’s their first time ever touching each other’s lips, but the Bishop quickly dispels all shyness. He exhales deeply as the boys share his cock. Then, he plows Herring before allowing Dean to have a turn inside the boy’s sweet hole. There will be no secrets in the mission.
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Straight Lads Spanked — 20 year old Billy has been caught spraying graffiti all over the estate where he lives. His mother has been threatened with eviction because of her delinquent son’s behaviour. She feels that she has no option but to send Billy to visit Mr X the local spanker. Billy turns up in his tracksuit acting all cocky. He has no idea what is going to happen to him. After a rather arduous telling off, young Billy finds himself getting dragged over Mr X’s knee. Billy gets spanked long and hard on his jogging pants. Then his boxers, and finally his bare bottom!
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Busted Boys — Redneck cop from the sticks comes to the city, eager to prove he’s a big fucking mand and show all the queers who’s boss. He’s a closet case, and when his partner’s back is turned, Officer redneck fucks these boy-whores in the ass until their hole is about to split!
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CFNMtv — Donald has already spoiled Estelle, Mindy and Belinda’s fun when they were happily toying with Andy and Giles’ penises in the back of the coach. Now he’s interrupted Carla and John’s liaison – threatening to go and report them. Well enough is enough. The girls gang up on him and drag the struggling lad off to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.
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CFNM –- The challenge that Paddy and Nathan are locked in is more difficult than ever with the women throwing multiple balls at them to knock over their drinks, their legs locked together and the race track slick with the spilled contents of overturned glasses! But these brawny naked fellas will never give up without fighting with all their might!
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Sneaky Peek — This dopey tired eyed student goes in for a shower and what a fucking hot round arse he has! You can see him clenching it as he immediately starts playing with his morning wood. Amazing to catching him having a really intense soapy fisted wank!
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