Weekly Roundup 6/26: Master Aaron shows off all he’s learned

Here’s the Straight Hell weekly roundup – you probably need a break from the world going to hell, here’s the best I can come up with: My Dirtiest Fantasy has Master Aaron using the lessons he’s learned from Dave and Adrian to torment a horny young freak. Brutal Tops has Master Dave tormenting his pathetic slave in the toilets, and Yes Father has Father Fiore eating the ass of his tight young pupil after hours in the dormitory. Keep it clean, keep it hard, and don’t cough on your dick.

My Dirtiest Fantasy — Master Aaron isn’t satisfied yet and continues abusing poor Adam’s ass. This time the master brings his slave, who is still in a straitjacket, to the lounger and ties him to it with his legs up and his ass wide open. Aaron starts introducing a long red dildo inside Adam’s butt while he passes a pin wheel around his cock and balls. Now it’s time to make way for the humiliation and the master, helped with an anal clamp, he opens & pisses inside his slave’s ass. Finally, Master Aaron brings his captive to a torture chair where keeping abusing his balls and cock with the pinwheel again. But it seems that Adam is enjoying this treatment because he finally cums in his masters hands.
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Brutal Tops — When Dave walks into the public toilets what does he see? A sorry faggot LOSER stark naked on the grimy floor. This sad fuck is lower than the dirt on Dave’s trainers and he proves it by trampling over this disgusting thing’s body. Dave crushes its filthy dick under the soles of his shoes. Haha! This pathetic creature wants pleasure so he demands it tug on its junk. While it masturbates like a monkey, Dave spits straight into its miserable face. It can’t even jerk off right!!! What a stupid snivelling CUNT! It’s so satisfying lashing the sorry fuck, locking up its sad cock and attaching a leash. Now Dave’s got a pup to parade around the neighbourhood so everyone can laugh and mock this dickless slave! Ha!
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Boy Creeper — Sexy Latin college boy Aaron Perez is lying in bed reading when he gets a call from a mysterious creep, vowing to fuck him. Aaron brushes him off and dares him to try to to get into his house. Creeper quickly pops up, grabs him and ties him up. Creeper takes his time tormenting sexy slutty Aaron, putting a chastity belt on him and stretching out his ass with various toys. Next he brutally fucks Aaron’s little brown ass like a savage then sprays him with a massive facial.
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Yes Father — Jace has stoked the fire in Fiore’s loins, and the priest is determined to do things right this time. He cannot stay away from the young man any longer, so he visits him in the dorms on the pretense of guiding him through his evening prayers. He leads Jace, touching him tenderly and sharing an intimate moment of reflection and meditation with him. Then, he works his way down to Jace’s crotch, licking and sucking his cock with voracity and sensuality. He loves the taste of the young man’s penis in his mouth, and he can’t wait to feel his tight asshole. Then, at the moment of ecstasy, he shares his warm cum with the lad in a joyous rewriting of personal history.
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Missionary Boys — The need for transparency amongst the missionaries has been declared over and over again and has been made one of the top priorities of young men on their journey towards the upper ranks of the priesthood. Ironic, considering there is no transparency offered from the Order. Nevertheless, lads continue to have relationships with each other and continue to go against the word of the Order by doing so. That is why the case of Elder Madden and Elder Mason is so exceptional. The Order has kept an eye on these two for months, as they seem to have a clear affinity for each other. But no matter how many opportunities they’ve been given, how many times they could have easily slipped away into the night without anyone knowing, they’ve seemingly made no advance towards each other. It’s assumed that this is because of their desire to keep in line with the Order’s rules. This obedience is impressive, and it is not something to be taken lightly. Such loyal underlings should be rewarded for their behavior. Little does President Oaks know, these two lads have indeed experienced each other’s bodies physically, and under the supervision of one of his colleagues nonetheless. It has been kept a secret from Oaks and several other prominent members of the Order, and it remains a secret as Madden and Mason play along with the charade. They act as though they’ve never laid eyes on each other’s bare bodies as Oaks tells them to undress. Oaks and Mason spitroast Elder Madden aggressively, and as Oaks watches cum drip out of Madden’s asshole, he is more certain than ever that this pair would go to the ends of the earth for the priesthood.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Mr X has a brand new visitor and a very unusual situation. Sebastian has arrived wracked with guilt. He has presented himself to Mr X of his own accord. No one ha sent him. Sebastian, is getting married to the love of his life. He did something terrible though and cheated on her. It was a one night stand and it is over. It is not over for Sebastian though and he is struggling to live with the guilt. He can’t sleep and can hardly look at his fiance he loves so much. Sebastian feels like he needs to be punished so he presents himself to Mr X and pays for a spanking. Sebastian is a handsome young man. Sebastian gets spanked and belted hard!
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CFNMtv — Giles and Andy have been working hard in the field wearing nothing but their underpants. The sweat pours off their bodies in the heat of the sun as they toil away. When Mrs. Skettles returns to check on them she decides they need to cool off a bit. But the lads are totally unprepared for how these things are done down on the farm.
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CFNM –- Marcello welcomed the news of the buyout because it means he has extra funds to hire another secretary. He thinks his afternoon has perked up even more when the candidate turns out to be a sexy woman who he can’t keep his hands off from. But his afternoon delight is about to turn into an afternoon nightmare as she reveals her true identity.
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Sneaky Peek — This blonde footballer strides confidently into the noisy showers and he seems to be thinking about something as his boisterous naked friends wash around him. Of course he’s totally unaware every second of his shower is being recorded. This fella has a seriously big set of balls!
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