Weekly Roundup 6/24: Skinhead Dave Humiliates His Slave!

This Week’s roundup features Master Dave returning to Brutal Tops in full Skinhead regalia! If you like tall leather boots, spitting fetish and lots of verbal domination, you won’t want to miss Dave! At CMNM, Adrian and Dave are trés handsome in their business suits, which they need to convince Prince Talim he’s up to his neck in legal troubles unless he submits to their “alternative” forms of remediation. The young Arab gets stripped and fondled by the sharp dressed thugs in classic CMNM style. And do be sure to check out towering Ash, this week’s macho Alpha Male who’s stripping and stroking for the Casting Room!

Brutal Tops — Brutal Tops features Master Dave returning in all of his skinhead glory! He forces his groveling slave to shine his leather boots with his tongue, and then Dave gags the worthless piece of shit with a dildo before filling his mouth with his hot piss. Bravo for the return of skinhead Dave!
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CMNM.net — Prince Talim is at the mercy of Dave and Adrian after they trick him he’s going to be sued for millions. He’ll do anything to avoid going to court so he reluctantly obeys their perverted demands. In practically no time, Talim is naked with handsome Dave and natty Adrian perusing his tight asshole and tugging on his frightened little wiener.
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The Casting Room — Domineering and fearsome Ash is tall and thick with a booming bass voice. You’d only expect him to top, but this hetero stud gets quite the surprise when a cock gets slapped in his mouth!
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Strip Search Hell — The prison guards love screwing with this incarcerated prick…he’s been bullied constantly for his three months in prison, and it’s driving him crazy. But the guards can’t resist knocking him to the ground and wrestling him into submission.
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CFNM — Ray is suffering through the humiliating treatment at the Benefits Office. The cackling harpy orders him to strip and dance in order to get his money, and the dumb lug doesn’t know the law so like an idiot, he complies and does his best to curry favour with the wicked succubus.
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CFNMtv — The scheming bitches at CMNMtv want to spice up their ruse with Ivan, so they make him think he’s got competition for the job interview by bringing in another dupe, Stan. Stan is sweaty and nervous, so the evil women give him a bath too. Who wants the job more? Who will stoop lower to please these wicked cunts?
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of Italian footballer Michelle Camporese with tight revealing pants.
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Sneaky Peek — Another handsome, lean and well-hung jock obliviously showers in front of the Sneaky Peek locker room camera. He’s not shy about lathering his dick in front of his naked teammates!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has a steamy video a group of sporty rugby guys took of themselves in the locker room trying to imitate the big game players who do naked calendars. The boys flaunt their asses and try to strategically place small things to cover their dicks but they mostly fail.
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