Weekly Roundup 7/19: James Learns the Blue-Collar Pecking Order at #CMNM

Welcome back to our favourite Friday feature, the weekly roundup, and we’ve got so much raunchy gay goodness for you. Dave is giving newbie James a lesson in the blue collar pecking order at CMNM. Kristof is no stranger to the spotlight, or cameras in seedy motel rooms, but he still gets a high every time he strips it off for the camera. Check him out at the Casting Room. And if you want it rough and sexy American style, check out new slut Diego getting ambushed and assfucked by beefy redneck bully Connor in a new episode from Helpless Boys. Maintain your fluids this weekend, my friends, you might be expending a lot of energy!

CMNM.net — William’s virgin arsehole is so warm and tight the guys relish taking turns sliding their fingers into his bum and teasing his sphincter open. Sprawled naked on these businessmen’s desk he becomes aware of just how low he’s fallen as they get off spreading his cheeks and using his arse. He flushes red in total humiliation.
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The Casting Room — Kristoff has the look of a tall masculine fucker who will wrestle you to the ground, but he’s really a big softie who only wants to give and receive as much pleasure as possible. His towering manly body, hefty dick and round inviting arse were made for porn. He’s had considerable experience, but he’s still driven to seek out creative new sexual experiences and fetishes that will give him that one amazing orgasm.
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Bad Lads — Tattooed thug Pig Boy Ruben has another discipline case to handle. Another muscle boy has been straying from the straight and narrow, so Ruben has been called on to apply some behaviour-modifying corporal punishment. The beefy lad suffers as his big, squishy bum is spanked mercilessly, first with Ruben’s strong open hand, then with his wicked leather strap. The burly stud has to fight back tears as he endures the seemingly endless punishment.
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Helpless Boys — Diego Hawkins is lost in the woods and exhausted. When Conner suddenly arrives in his white van and agrees to give him a lift, Diego can barely get the words out to say thanks. Don’t worry, slut! Conner will show you the best way to show appreciation. Faced with possibly having to walk home, Diego submits to him and is quickly tied up and dominated in the van. Conner then takes him back to the dungeon for some sybian action. He brutally fucks poor little Diego then sprays him with a facial cumshot.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Bobby has been caught masturbating in the football clubhouse by a senior player on the team Blake. Blake is power-tripping on the younger player and offers him a trade: submit to a spanking or face the wrath of the coach for jerking off in the clubhouse. Bobby doesn’t trust Blake at all, but what choice does he have? He submits and Blake has a terrific time spanking his tight buttocks and teasing him for being such a horny cunt with no self control.
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Strip Search Hell — Older blokes have to be watched more closely than the younger ones. Why have they not learnt that crime does not pay? These are career criminals who will break laws without thought if they think it will give them a monetary advantage. If anything their punishment should be more severe. They are the ones who lead the younger ones astray and they haven’t changed their ways despite being given every opportunity.
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CFNMtv — Miss Marchmont is far from pleased with the spectacle Martin has made of himself. Fancy ejaculating all over the floor in front of her girls! Well she’s not going to let him get away with it -it’s time for a painful punishment to be metered out. But Martin isn’t the only one at St. Dunstan’s in for a painful time as Paul’s examination in the nurse’s office continues.
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CFNM –- Here’s an unexpected surprise. CFNM features a classic update featuring StraightHell fave Guy! (You know, the robot with the hairy asshole) All the girls at school have seen Guy’s swagger as he struts through the corridors pushing younger and smaller guys out of the way as well as flirting with all the girls. They’ve all discussed and fantasized what he must look like naked. Does he have the body to back up his tough guy act? Well now they can see exactly how big this tough guy’s balls really are!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s great footage of a load of naked, middle-age men lounging about the locker room after their shift, casually getting dressed and undressed from their sweaty working clothes so they can have a refreshing shower. If you’ve got a daddy fetish, you’ve got to get your hands on these nudes!
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