Weekly Roundup 8/12: Adrian Swallows Plays the Gob Loving Slave!

This Week’s roundup features Handsome and cruel Master Lione returning to the Brutal Tops training room with Adrian as his slave. Lionel loves giving Adrian heaping of humiliating orders, including a thorough boot licking and a dick stomping! Amir premiers at CMNM and is subjected to a thoroughly humiliating physical probe by a gang of horny lechers, and Daniel continues to shine at the Casting Room, sucking Dave’s cock as deep as he can in his porn audition and letting the hard top shoot cum all over his face!

Brutal Tops — Master Lionel returns to Brutal Tops in his paramilitary gear to force submissive slave Adrian to worship his leather army boots. Naked and collared like a dog, Adrian does his best to please his master, and he does such a good job licking Lionel’s boots that the bearded Argentinean rewards him by spitting in his mouth!
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CMNM.net — Fiery cricket player Amir returns from the pitch fired up being sent off, and he’s greeted by a group of team officials with accusations of the player using performance-enhancing drugs. They demand a thorough examination and Amir is in no position to protest! He’s stripped naked and examined, fondled and probed by the gang of men in suits!
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The Casting Room — Daniel returns to the Casting Room with his Fucking Room audition video. The shy young man demonstrates his kissing skills and dick sucking prowess. Dave lays him on the table and inserts his fat dick in Daniel’s hole, pumping him hard and fast and then unloading his big load in Daniel’s mouth! The new recruit certainly seems capable of satisfying a horny man!
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Strip Search Hell — He’s been in a few days and he’s not having a very good time of it. You’ll see that he doesn’t even wear (need?) underwear because his tiny cock is always being brought out to give lags a laugh. Also his bottom is coming into use for sexually ravenous criminals to use at their leisure. He’s got a wife and kids outside so you can see on his face a look of perpetual fear.
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CFNMtv — In the new video at CFNMTV.com, things are going from bad to worse for poor Jimmy. Not only has he been stripped naked in front of the Mayoress and had his penis and testicles fondled, he’s also been driven to a sexual frenzy where he can no longer control himself and tries to hump the Mayoress’ leg! But Jessica and Nicole have a solution to his excessive urges… one that will be even more painful for the helpless lad.
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CFNM — Hassan has stupidly allowed himself to be caught in a compromising position with Nicole. And he’s made matters even worse by grabbing her and demanding she explain that it was all her idea. The photos of their struggle are just what the women need to blackmail him. Now they can do whatever they want – and gather even more pictures for their little sideline business.
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Sneaky Peek — Sneaky Peek features hidden camera footage of an amateur football club getting ready for a friendly match. Watch them strip naked and horse around and show off their chubby Dad-bods and uncut cocks!
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Eric Deman — Eric Deman has pervy sexy videos of some seriously hot public cruising sites. In this public toilet groups of guys are secretly filmed jerking each other off and sucking cock. Surreptitious horny fun!
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