Weekly Roundup 8/21: Humiliation and Shame is the Name of the Game!

There’s lots of exciting stuff to keep your weekend occupied at the O&C network…in addition to Will’s third scene on BreederFuckers, there’s lots of familiar and welcome lads getting smacked around, probed and humiliated all over the place. Sniff around and enjoy!

Brutal Tops — Young Master Will and Ross Drake double team a simpering slave in this lockerroom. After a hard football practice, they work out their aggression by ramming poor sub elliot with thick dildos and force him to chug a double load of their hot piss!
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CMNM.net — Football scrub Russell has a problem with his cock spontaneously ejaculating at inopportune times. Dave and Adrian are there to train his tight hole to show the boy how to control his emissions!
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The Casting Room — Ross makes another appearance, bragging about his prowess in boy-on-boy porn and Dave and Adrian push him to the limits, and then well past! These two rabid fuckers deliver huge porn movie cumshots all over Ross’s face, and Ross returns the favour with a big gushing squirt all over Dave’s bald dome!
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CFNMtv — New teacher Petra plays the school’s politics games perfectly, humiliating the headmaster and her biggest rival and belittling their puny penises.
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CFNM — Brian regrets making a fuss over his injury, as sarcastic trainer Kimberly teases his dick, and brings in spunky apprentice Sophie to join in on shaming the bulky rugger.
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Rugger Bugger — Ruggerbugger has photos of footballer Didier Drogba stark naked with a teammate in the locker room!
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Eric Deman — Kiwi rugby players are deadly serious about performing the haka ritual — even when stark naked and surrounded by a crowd of mesmerized onlookers.
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Sneaky Peek — A handsome lad sits in front of the camera and shows off his rippling physique and eminently spreadable cheeks.
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