Weekly Roundup 9/14: CMNM Humiliates an Older Man

How great is it to be coming into a beautiful weekend with a full roster of kinky and perverted porn to keep you busy? CMNM has humiliated mall cop Vinny on his knees wanking his cock under orders from the cops, while big and beefy Master Ian loves torturing his slave with facesitting at Brutal Tops. Finally, macho straight boy Hasif is plenty insecure about getting naked around other guys at the Casting Room, but they get him to flash his virgin hole anyway! Keep it slicked up and rock hard my friends!

CMNM.net — Vinny is ordered to wank his cock until he blows his load by the sneering cops. His time in custody is about to get worse, because now he faces being hauled to the city jail without a stitch of clothing. He’s tough, but can Vinny survive in lockup with a horde or horny perverts?
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Brutal Tops — Master Ian is really enjoys these rimjobs his slve boy is delivering. He sits his ass directly on the dirty cunt’s face and orders the slave boy to tongue his hole until its sparking or else he’ll get his oxygen cut off.
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The Casting Room — Hanif is a sexy young hetero guy that’s dipping his toe into porn because he’s heard you can make lots of money at it. He’s got a sexy body and an attractive laid back straight dude attitude, but to be honest guys like this are too hard to work with. He fancies himself a fashion model with a macho persona where he feels any physical contact with other men isn’t allowed.
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Helpless Boys — Stranded young cutie Damien Nichols has run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and now has no way to get to his girlfriend. Don’t worry little desperate white boy, Kenny’s nearby and he’s gonna give you a ride you’ll never forget. Damien quickly hops into Kenny’s white van and they drive off toward civilization. Unfortunately for poor broke Damien the ride isn’t free and it’s gonna cost him his sweet tight ass. He very reluctantly submits and is soon subjected to water-boarding, bondage, intense sexual humiliation, and savage sexual domination from his new black master Kenny. Once Kenny’s done hammering Damien he drenches him with a messy facial cumshot.
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UK Hot Jocks — Lurking in the basement of the crumbling mill Nick North had been summoned, he’s not sure why or by who but obediently he waits, keeping a watchful eye out for whom ever might be coming to get him. Issac Jones slowly appears from the darkness, eyes connect, a sexual relationship immediately establishes itself. They square up, size up, letting hands wander over ripped torso’s and hard nipples through thin t-shirts. Issac drops to his knees to worship Nicks rock hard dick, slurping it around and testing his size with his mouth before he takes it up his arse. Bending over Nick gloves up and shoves up, Issac groaning and grunting hard and he grinds his pelvis up against his meaty butt.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Travelling through London can be erratic at best and Jason messed up and was a few minutes late. This was noticed by his senior manager, Marco. Marco is in charge that day and decides that Jason needs to have a better attitude. So in the privacy of the office, Marco decides that a spanked bottom might ensure Jason is not late again! Jason can’t belive it! This is not what he was expecting to happen in the workplace in 2018! It doesnt seem fair but Jason really feels he has no choice. The 18 year old lad finds himself draped over Marco’s knees. Marco is a big, muscular man and Jason is left in no doubt who is in charge has he feels Marco’s hand spank his bottom.
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Strip Search Hell — This cocky pretty boy irritates these humourless frustrated guards. When he is slow to respond to them as they order him to undress and reveal his entire body, the officers have no trouble in extending his naked humiliation and giving him physically taxing orders like making him yank back his foreskin as much possible. They seem to enjoy teaching this hard-bodied, mean criminal a firm lesson about submitting to their authority and learning to do exactly as he is told!
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CFNM — Every teacher must be prepared to deal with and punish unruly students. But for a teacher to fully know what punishment entails he must first experience it himself. Luckily the excitable girls are thrilled to assist the teacher in training this sexy masculine trainee on how to handle being put in his place. These schoolgirls usually must submit to their teachers’ whims, but now they are the ones in charge!
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Sneaky Peek — Great secret camera video of a hot neighbourhood jock taking off his football kit after a hard practice. He’s dirty and sweaty and ready for a hot soapy shower.
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