Weekly Roundup 9/6: Beefy Stud Strokes For Your Pleasure

I can’t believe the week we’ve had…time to shut the door and drown out the world for the next 72 hours. Beefy stud Jindrich will help you forget your troubles with his sexy audition at the Casting Room, while crazy sexy Daddy Claudio has a blast spanking the latest delinquent’s bubble bum at Bad Lads. And for when you want the rough stuff, Connor Maguire terrifies his prey when he stalks twink Alex Meyers at Boy Creeper.

The Casting Room — Jindrich lives for the gym and keeps a strict regime. Given all this attention to his body he loves to be admired when naked. He’s not as eager to flash his ass since he never wants to be penetrated. There’s something especially satisfying about directing a big powerful man to wipe his ass before ordering him to bend over and show his hole.
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Boy Creeper — Sexy young blond boy Alex Meyer is mad at the shoddy job his plumber does fixing his shower. When the plumber hits on him Alex fires him. Later he gets a raunchy call from a creeper and sarcastically challenges him to get in his house. Boom! The plumber, now masked, grabs him from outta nowhere and takes him for a BDSM-filled ride. Alex is bound, teased, and suffocated with a plastic bag before gagging on the plumber’s cock. The plumber drills his tight asshole hard then sprays him with a huge facial cumshot.
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Bad Lads — Sexy Daddy Claudio has a new discipline case to settle. This beefy jock has a great plush bubble butt, and Claudio eagerly swats those cheeks with his strong hand and a black leather strap. The jock bites his lip and tries to get through the punishment without crying, but Daddy Claudio can get even the toughest case to shed at least a few real tears.
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Straight Lads Spanked — 18 year old Zane got his father’s permission to go to Amsterdam for the weekend, but when he comes back with a tattoo on his hand, his dad blows his stack. That’s one of Dad’s three cardinal rules — no tattoos, no pierced ears, no motorcycles — and Zane knows the consequences for breaking the rules. He gets a spanking. Humiliated, Zane strips when he’s ordered to by his father and gets over his knee. His bum quickly turns pink, as are his cheeks as he blushes intensely during his father’s humiliating lecture.
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CFNMtv — Once Charlotte enters the grounds of the Barkwith mansion she’ll have to keep up the pretense of being a mere serving girl. But before she goes she wants to make sure her boyfriend knows his place. She won’t be round to ensure discipline for a while so needs to exert her dominance over him now..
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CFNM –- As the women grope and openly make comments on Joe he feels a mixture of pride and embarrassment. Not only are they completely confident but they act as if they are entitled to do whatever they want with his body. He’s aware that he’s nothing more than a piece of meat to them and they don’t care how it makes him feel at all.
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Sneaky Peek — More highland games creeper shots. Here’s a beefy bull of a man relaxing on the lawn. He’s been straining all day in the competition, he just wants to relax. Who could blame him for letting his mind slip and accidentally revealing his uncut cock to an expertly placed hidden camera? Now his illicit nudes will be shared on the internet forever!
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