Weekly update 12/7: Horse Hung Corrupt Cop Splatter Cum on Gigolo

Thank god its the weekend…I don’t know about you but I am holing up for the next three days with my fave gay fetish porn, my Xl bottle of lube and a big bottle of brown liquor. What’s going to be keeping me happy? How about hapless male hooker Valentino? He wandered right into a nest of crooked vice cops and he got his hole pounded hard by big-dicked officer Todd. Check that out at Busted Boys. If you are in the mood for men debasing other men, check out Master Bob at Brutal Tops. He’s making his BT debut, but he’s got a lot of vitriol to release and he’s very satisfied to be making his slave suffer. And also check out Jason at Helpless Boys — he’s been dumped in the sticks by his frat bros, and he’s got to work a thick cock if he hopes for a shot at getting out in one piece. Keep it lubed, my friends!

Busted Boys — Valentino is pretty new to the escorting game, so each date starts with him a little nervous and on edge. He’s got a reason to be tonight…he just took a call from vice officer Todd, and the monster cock maniac has a thing for punishing Latino rentboys. No one ever takes complaints from boy whores seriously, so closet case Todd cuffs them, pounds their hole and covers them in jizz before taking in them in for booking. Cum on your face in a mugshot is a great look Valentino!
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Brutal Tops — Master Bob has endured quite a bit of his own humiliation at CMNM the past few weeks, and he’s eager to get some payback on anyone lower on the pecking order. He orders this wretched slaveboy to eat out his asshole and suck his toes. Beginner Bob even gets in some trampling. Looks like he’s going to love flexing on a pathetic cunt like this.
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Helpless Boys — Cute young college boy Jason Wolf has been abandoned in the woods by the fraternity he’s pleading to. It looks like he’s outta luck until he spots a white van approaching. He manages to convince the driver, Todd, to give him a lift. When the hazed hottie later reveals that he can’t repay Todd he’s given a harsh dose of reality. Nothing is free and if you want a ride the price is sexual submission. The desperate wannabe frat-bro is soon tied up and gagging on BWC. Todd brutally fucks his little brown ass in the van and back at the dungeon. After a lot of BDSM he continues pounding him then dumps a huge load on his face.
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The Casting Room — Hetero Roger is a strong tough worker who is used to long days on building sites. He’s fed up with the rat race and minimal pay. What’s the perfect solution? Become a porn star! Earn big money and screw all the chicks he likes. But Roger quickly gets a reality check where he might have to engage in action and sex with men if he wants to earn a living fucking. It’s a lesson that this gruff tattooed fucker doesn’t want to hear!
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Piss Spy — Blond guy with an uncut cock, good length, nice heft balls. Great view of that cock taking a full piss and some rubbing and massaging to get everything back in place before zipping up. Great video for those who love creeper bathroom pics.
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Straight Lads Spanked — Jason has been cursing at his mother, and his father doesn’t like that one bit. He’s got an old fashioned sense of discipline…a dirty mouth needs washing out. Jason is ordered to hold a bar of soap in his mouth while he leans over the bathroom sink. The taste of bitter suds fills his mouth as his dad smacks his 18 year old bottom with a leather strap while delivering a humiliating lecture. A classic 10/10 father/son spanking video.
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Strip Search Hell — Within a day of entering prison you will come across characters who are screwed up by jail. Outside they are straight but once inside they are ripe for cock both in the mouth and up the bum. Men who want to score will freely offer up their bodies for a hit. The guards turn a blind eye to this for the most part but with one exception. When a jail search is on the cards who do you think the hardened inmates turn to to hide their stash? The man with the most spreadable arse!
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CFNMtv — George’s modeling career has been fairly limited so far and he’s excited by the possibility of getting into acting. Superhero movies are all the rage and he’s confident that with his impressive muscles he’ll have the casting director eating out of his hands. However, this is no ordinary casting and the film that is being made is going to be very different from the one he’s imagining.
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CFNM — the scheming girls know they own this big dumb lunkhead now they’ve driven him into such a frenzy. They’ve manipulated his g-spot by penetrating his big muscular arse and now his cock is pulsing with the need for a release. Through their experience and intelligence they’ve been able to take total control of this brawny policeman!
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Sneaky Peek — Here’s a great locker room video of an older skid dude getting stripped down to change into his work clothes for another shift on the construction site. This builder would blow his top if he knew thousands of queer creeps were pulling their cocks to these stolen vids of him getting naked.
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